French Painter Henry Aubry

'Delicacy, sharpness, sensuality, a overshrilled sense of "ambiances", atmosphere, sponteneity, imagination, inspiration, audacity. Aubry is searching for the laws of wonder, of amazement, as if it were a question of making them "exact sciences."
He succeeds in transfigurating the appearance of reality and in transforming it in depth by creating a new and unique on from it: an Unreal Reality. His works do not come into being at one stroke; they are above all a long process of creation and must be seen the way they are created, with the inner eye.'
              -  Le Nouveau Journal/Arts

Annual / International Shows:
1974 - Blue Ribbon, Award of Excellence Chicago North Shore Art League
1979 - International Printmaking Show Museum of Bayeux, France (Bronze)
1980 - Annual May Exhibition, Paris Duncan's Museum (1st prize)
1979-1982 - Salon d'Automne Annual fall Show, Paris, France

One Man Shows:
1977, 78, 79, 83 - Millioud Gallery, Houston
1980-82 - French and US Cultural Centers, Yaounde, Cameroons, Africa
1983 - Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
French Painter Henry Aubry
mixed media
12" x 8 1/2

French Painter Henry Aubry
'Bather with red trees'- 1983
mixed media
10 1/2" x 11 1/2"
French Painter Henry Aubryuntitled - 1983
mixed media
10" x 8"